Art “scene” is such an ugly description, but it really does capture the general vibe that surrounds this community.  BDAB is going to cut away all the pretense and the blatant commercialization of art with empty intents.  That means we won’t use fancy sentences that don’t mean anything else then to pretend we are more cultured than you.  That means we won’t report on the latest edition of 500 print release from the hottest street artist.  That means we WILL provide original content that is found nowhere else on a regular basis.

BDAB is a content-driven art blog that promises to never hassle its readership with annoying ads or other drivel meant only to drive traffic or ad revenue.  The goal of this blog is to create an open community for all involved in the art scene, whether you are a collector, an artist, a master printer, a curator, a gallery owner, or even just a casual observer, there will be content that interests you.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

Timothy Kim, Founder


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