Week 1: People to Follow on Instagram


It’s no secret that bestdamnartblog.com is a huge fan of the photo-sharing app Instagram.  It is the only social media outlet in which we are active, and you will have noticed that we link to the Instagram pages of all artists covered in our posts.  Instagram became a natural gathering ground for collectors, artists, and gallerists alike due to it elegant and simple interface and obviously because of its relationship to the artistic endeavor of photography.

Every week we’ll try to bring you a group of 5 Instagram pages that you probably aren’t following yet that you should.  Read on to see the list.

1. @huskmitnavn1

HuskMitNavn is a humorous fine artist from the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark.  He posts new works on a daily basis that kind of blow your mind in how he uses origami-like technique to bring his drawings to a 3 dimensional world.

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Holiday break down.

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2. @swampy

If you’re from the Bay Area, you know Swampy even if you don’t know his name.  His swampdonkey character is ubiquitous in the Bay.  Swampy’s Instagram page just started this year and it’s a photo journal of his travels as he hops train from train, city to city.

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Grandfather Graff

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3. @mrniceart

If you’re a collector, the passion that @mrniceart oozes in his posts feels very familiar.  His collection contains museum-quality works from @cleonpeterson, @swoonhq, and @hebrubrantley.  I can see #dialocollection becoming a major private collection in the near future.  Give him a follow.


4. @couchdoodles

Dan Fraga‘s wiki page pretty much sums up how accomplished he is.  His page is 100% dedicated to his personal project of completing at least one drawing per day.  It’s jaw dropping how fast he can draw such detailed characters without a sketch.  Follow him.  You won’t be disappointed.

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Timelapse 185. Bully

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5. @bestdamnartblog

This one is a no-brainer.  Follow @bestdamnartblog to stay updated on new posts and cool pictures.



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