David Choe and Mangchi Play @ Los Globos

Dave Choe's painted drum set
Dave Choe’s painted drum set

Mangchi, the twisted lovechild of David Choe (@davidchoe) and the musically talented members of the DVDASA family, namely Steve Lee (@quangou, on the vocals), Ashley Dzerigian (@heatherleather_, slapping the bass), legendary producer/music extraordinaire Money Mark (on the keys, guitar, etc), James Jean, (@jamesjeanart, on the keys) Dylan Fujioka (@farpomarx, on the drums), Eddie Kim (@denjahng, DJ), and new member unnamed violinist (if anyone knows her name, could you let me know?), played at Los Globos nightclub in Silverlake, Los Angeles, last night.  BDAB was in attendance, and it was everything that I would have expected from a Mangchi show.

Let me describe it this way:

99% male, 0.9% female, 0.1% unknown.  Hipsters, juggalos, goths, perennial hermits, Asians, hispanic, whites, blacks, rockers, ravers, 9-5ers, no-gooders.  Mosh pitting to country songs.  Screaming.  Sweating.  General sense of mayhem.  Good ol’ Mangchi.

Check the jump for more photos from the show.

Printz Board and the Boardmemberz
Printz Board and the Boardmemberz, the opening acts for the show


Steebee Weebee takes front stage
Steebee Weebee takes front stage



Dave Choe tells everyone to f*** off, he's tired.
Dave Choe tells everyone to f*** off, he’s tired.



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