Street Art vs. Urban Art

Those in highbrow art circles detest saying the words “street art”, instead electing to call it “urban art”, which suits their refined tastes more.  Urban art sounds so fake though, since street art isn’t relegated to urban areas and is a generally less encompassing description.  A quick Google trends search shows that the searches for “urban art” has been in decline since late 2013, while “street art” peaked in May 2012 and has stayed stable since.  It’s an interesting trend where you can see how the trajectory of interests in the genre has been changing. Here’s another surprising trend though.

I would have guessed the UK or US to be the #1 searcher for street art, but UK is #3 and US is all the way down in #7.  #1 is actually Australia with New Zealand trailing behind them.  If I think about it, it’s not that surprising seeing as I can already list off quite a few native Australian street artists off the top of my head, like Meggs, Anthony Lister, and Mark Whalen.  Any Ozzies in the house right now?

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