Pharrell Visits Takashi Murakami’s Studio Ahead of “The 500 Arhats”

Pharrell, a long time admirer and collector of Murakami (@takashipom), visited the artist’s studio in Japan to promote the upcoming show titled The 500 Arhats at Mori Art Museum in the Roppongi Hills.  Murakami explains his motivation behind the masterpiece of the same title, a 3meter x 100meter painting, as to manifest the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan as the arhats of Buddha.

For me, the actual highlight of the video was seeing a snippet of the factory system of assistants that are working on his paintings.  How is he supervising this production while maintaining his vision and quality of the work intact?  BDAB already got their flight tickets and housing booked for the show, so stay tuned for more coverage.

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