Invader Levels Up with “Hello My Game Is” @ Le Musee en Herbe

The anonymous French artist Space Invader is currently showing his latest exhibition called Hello My Game Is at Le Musee en Herbe in Paris, France. According to museum press release, this is Invader’s first indoor exhibition in Paris since 2011. Being that his work brings nostalgia back to our youthful days with 8-bit video games, it seems fitting that his museum show is at a children’s museum, although that is not to say it isn’t equally entertaining and engaging for the adult fans of Invader. The more surprising part is that a children’s museum invited a notorious street “vandal” (Invader has been arrested several times as a vandal for placing his works on the street), but I think that’s more a statement on how street art in general has become accepted by the worldwide mainstream.

His usual repertoire of works is well represented here, from sculptures to invasion “aliases” like those seen on the streets and “Rubik Cubism” works that are usually seen at his gallery shows. The subject matters of the works are just as wide ranging. My favorite work is the scene from the Disney movie Peter Pan made with Rubik’s cube pieces.

Enjoy these highlights from the show. Picture credits go to friends of BDAB in Paris. You know who you are!

– Paris, France

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys
Rubik Cubism

Can’t beat a New York pepperoni pizza slice, especially if you’re a young mutant turtle that knows karate

E.T. phone home…

The many identities of Invader

The show runs through September, 2017, in Paris, France.  BDAB highly recommends visiting. 5 stars.

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