Street Snaps: Invader on Paris Streets

While roaming Paris streets, you cannot turn a corner without finding Invader’s (@invaderwashere) mark on the city. From invasions of more recent years, you can clearly tell that Invader grew bolder and more ambitious, both in size and in visibility. Whereas in 2000 you’d see small invasions that required concentrated effort to find it, by 2009 pieces grew enormous and invaded prominent street corners.

Of course, copycats are abound in the city, but it isn’t too hard to tell the real deal from the fakes based on quality of the work from cheap tiles to not so geometric arrangements. If you think you might be fooled, it’s easy to use Flash Invaders to confirm.

Between myself and my travel buddy, we had a ton of fun trying to see who could find the most invasions. Below are some of my favorites that we found.

PA_1100>2014>50 Points – This John Hamon guy was everywhere in the city too.  Seems he’s some kind of guerrilla artist himself.
PA_360>2000>10 Points
PA_800>2009>50 Points
PA_1161>2015>30 Points
PA_769>2009>50 Points
PA_1127>2014>50 Points
PA_1030>2012>50 Points
PA_682>2006>30 Points
PA_878>2011>20 Points

– Paris, France

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