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Yesterday, I serendipitously ran into an exciting and emerging “social live-publishing/story-telling/live-blogging” platform that I think will solve the most important problem that all bloggers are trying to overcome: to push out as many quality posts as you can, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  The solution may be Pressimus.  Below is an example of a Pressimus press (that’s what these micro-blog posts are called in the world of Pressimus) that I wrote in less than 5 minutes using the simple drag and drop tools, as well as its super useful functionality to search any social media directly in the platform.  That’s how I found every single video, articles, and Instagram pictures in the press below.  You can also easily embed the press into your own blog by simply copying and pasting a short line of code into the text of a regular post.

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News Roundup of Banksy’s Dismaland

Photo Credit: Juxtapoz Magazine
Photo Credit: Juxtapoz Magazine

Best Damn Art Blog has scoured the Internet to bring you the latest news and updates from Banksy’s Dismaland.  Check it out!


  • A look at Dismaland from Britain’s Channel 4 News

  • New York Times covers Dismaland.
  • Juxtapoz will have an exclusive interview with Banksy in the next issue of the magazine, an exerpt of which is posted in the link, but they have also posted a preview of the show itself here.
  • Andrew Plant of BBC attends Dismaland and gives us another look at the show.
  • According to Dismaland’s spokeswoman, there were over 6 million hits on the website by Friday’s ticket sales.  It seems many were unable to secure a ticket from today’s anticipated ticket release from the website.
  • But some people did get it.


Photo credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire/Landov
Photo credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire/Landov

Check back with BDAB frequently as we continue to follow this unexpected new show from Banksy.

Dismaland will be open daily from 11am—11pm, August 22—September 27, 2015 (certain Saturdays will be open until 1am) in Weston-super-Mare, England. For more information, visit

BREAKING NEWS: Banksy’s Dismaland Confirmed


There have been murmurs for the past couple of weeks that a new Banksy show may be abound, but today it has been confirmed that it is happening in Weston-super-Mare, August 22-September 27, 2015.  Located on the Bristol Channel Coast of Somerset, England, Weston-super-Mare is, or was, a popular tourist destination with a population that is largely 65 or older.  Weston-super-Mare is also the title of a Banksy print from 2003, image of which is found below.

weston super mare

According to the website, you can expect to see work from many artists from all over the world, not just Banksy, including Polly Morgan, Josh Keyes, Paul Insect, Bast, Espo, and even Damien Hirst.  Tickets for guaranteed entry to the “amusement park” will be available starting Friday, London time, for only £3.  You can bet your dollar that I will be F5’ing all day to get my ticket. site2



Visit Dismaland’s website [here] for more information.