Street Snaps – Os Gemeos in Los Feliz, Los Angeles

When I moved out to Los Feliz beginning of this year, I heard rumors that the Brazilian writers Os Gemeos had painted a small wall here years ago. I could find pictures of small sections of the wall scattered through the Internet, but never found the actual location. Today, I hopped on my bike and rode around the areas that I suspected this wall could be and voila, I found it! One of the best feelings ever when I caught a glimpse over my shoulder of this white washed wall with what looked liked painted figures from afar.

Here is my gift to the street art world on the Internet of these cool little gems.

– Los Angeles, CA

Os Gemeos on Times Square August 1-31

The Brazilian twin street artists known as Os Gemeos (@osgemeos) announced this morning through their Instagram page that they have been tapped to bring animations of their colorful characters to Times Square billboard monitors.  The videos will begin at 11:57pm and end at midnight every night from August 1st to the 31st.

Titled “Parallel Connections”, this project will bring attention to their art, and indirectly to street art in general, to millions of casual New Yorkers and tourists alike that frequent the popular spot in Times Square.  This is big news!

If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by once.  If you do, please tag #bestdamnartblog on Instagram and hopefully we’ll feature your video.