Huge Turnout for Aaron Horkey, Esao Andrews, and Joao Ruas’s Exhibition “The Gilded Age” @ Thinkspace Gallery



What a turnout for Thinkspace Gallery’s newest sold-out exhibition, a three-man show by Aaron Horkey, Esao Andrews, and Joao Ruas titled “The Gilded Age”.  A line to enter the show started forming around 5:30pm and by start of the show at 6pm the line was easily 60 people strong.  The line continued for the remainder of the night.

Aaron Horkey and Joao Ruas each brought 9 new works for the show, and Esao brought 8 new works, including a massive 48″x36″ piece, the largest piece in the room.  Not only in the artworks themselves, but the attention to detail in the presentation (Aaron Horkey painstakingly lettered the title under each piece by hand)  could hardly go unnoticed.  There’s a lot of pictures to be shared so I’m going let the pictures do the talking.

Click through the link to view 48 pictures from the show.

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